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BLUNT™ XS_Metro is the ultimate balance of portability and performance for a compact umbrella. This 2-stage model is the strongest collapsible umbrella around. It is the go-to choice for urban dwellers, folding up, and sliding into its sleeve so that it fits easily in your bag - making it easier to carry around than a full sized stick umbrella. Diameter:  95 cm/37 in Length:  36.5 cm/14 in Weight:  350 g/0.77ib Type:...

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The BLUNT™ Classic is our original high performance umbrella. This 2nd generation Classic is a full sized stick umbrella, the perfect umbrella for those needing good coverage, coupled with performance and style. Diameter:  120 cm / 47 in Length:  84 cm / 33 in Weight:  640 g / 1.4 lb Type:  Stick Umbrella Fabric:  Polyester

75,00 €

The BLUNT™ XL is our largest street umbrella. Take this on your adventures outside of the city into your favourite places. The extra coverage will make sure you and your friends have a good time no matter the weather. Diameter:  137 cm / 54 in Length:  93.5 cm / 37 in Weight:  850 g / 1.87 lb Type:  Stick Umbrella Fabric:  Polyester

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