Credit card / Debit card

You can pay by credit card. We accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard. Please indicate to us the name of the credit card owner, the credit card number, the security digits, and the validity of the credit card. The security digits are the last three or four numbers on the back of your credit card.

If you have any questions about your order or the debit entry, please contact us and do not arrange any re-transfer! This will lead to unnecessary costs, which we might have to bill you for.


Cash on delivery

You can also choose the classical payment method 'Cash-On-Delivery'. You have to pay your order directly to the postman when receiving your package. Please note this payment option apply only in Greece.



PayPal is a safer, simpler way to send and receive money online, for free. Safer: Your bank and credit card data is only viewed by PayPal. This is the reason why they are not sent over the internet by every online purchase. Simple: You pay with two clicks. Since you use your data given to PayPal instead of inserting them again and again at every purchase. Fast: PayPal payments arrive fast. The seller will send the goods immediately and you will get them sooner in general terms. Sign in and use Paypal immediately:

  • Create a PayPal account at Get Started
  • Link your bank account or your credit card with your PayPal-account
  • And instantly you will be able to pay with PayPal


Bank transfer

You can make the payment directly to our bank account and email us a copy of the transaction at [email protected]

EUROBANK Account No. 0026.0101.57.0200891217

IBAN: GR1102601010000570200891217

Please note that the buyer should pay for any bank charges that may be applied.


Cash and Carry

You can pick up your ordered products directly at our store. The payment could be cash or credit. Please call us in advance before you come to visit us in order to ensure that your requested products are on stock.