39,00 €

Material Finely crafted milled aluminum, brassDimension Ø11*136mmWeight 30gMechanism 0.7mm Made in Taiwan

29,00 €

Material finely crafted milled aluminumDimension Ø50mm*25mmWeight 101g Made in Taiwan

39,00 €

Material Finely crafted milled aluminumDimension Ø11*136mmWeight 22gRefill SCHMIDT Refill P900M Made in Taiwan

39,00 €

Material AluminumDimension Ø11*110mmWeight 19gRefill SCHMIDT Refill P900M Made in Taiwan

48,00 €

Material AluminumDimension Ø11*116mmWeight 19gRefill SCHMIDT Refill P900MHMM Plummet Ballpoint has a low center of mass, and the design is inspired by fishing float, enabling agile maneuver of the ballpoint pen for steady strokes. Made of aluminum alloy, the pen is less than 20g in weight, creating a lissome sensation. The pen features twist mechanism with smooth and sturdy damping structure, and replaceable German-made refill. The design...

30,00 €

Material Vegetable tanned leatherDimension 152*30*5mmWeight 9.5gThe exclusive black vegetable tanned leather case allows you to carry an HMM Plummet Ballpoint or any pens everywhere you go. With a sturdy hand-feel and soft surface, the case protects the pen from starches, and prevents the ink from staining your bag or clothes, making it a portable writing necessity.

47,00 €

Material Walnut woodDimension 85*85*32mmWeight 178g The walnut wood base adds to the ambience whether you are at home or in office. The solid walnut wood with a curvy, refined hole acts as a pen holder, and can accommodate any regular pen models. Every time you pick up a pen or put it back down, it feels like your brilliant inspiration has dripped through a rock, creating a Zen-like desktop landscape.

85,00 €

Material Aluminum, Iron, brassDimension 120*26*14mm Weight 80gBlade OLFA large blade A stable, quiet, and sleek tool that bridges the gap between large blades and delicate aesthetics. With its OLFA large blade and aluminum body, Utility Knife ensures stability, precision, and safety through its screw mechanism and enhanced control. Crafted for artisans like product designers, leather crafters, and carpenters, the Utility Knife excels in...

29,00 €

Material Aluminum, MagnetDimension 28*28*22mmWeight 45gSupporting weight per magnet 300g (Cell phone about 220g)The matted black Magnet Cable Cube utilizes geometric aesthetics and gravity to effectively restore order to charging cables and headset cords. The cube is halved into two rhomboids and features a capsule-shaped opening. When placed on tabletop, it can slightly elevate the cables for convenient access. Charging connectors will no...

59,00 €

Material Aluminum, Brass, Walnut woodDimension Ø59*21mm Weight 118g Introducing the HMM Pencil Sharpener, a classic and practical addition to your workspace. Crafted with a matte black finish and natural walnut wood, this pencil sharpener and holder sit neatly on your desk, making your workspace more efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

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